December 7, 2018 | Challenge

Final Challenge of the Semester!

Hi everyone!  Below are our final challenge videos for the semester:

Try to learn Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 on p. 22 of your book.  If you want to be in the Intermediate Orchestra next semester, send me a video of you playing it by the end of the year!  Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect–just send me the best you can do in this amount of time.  Have a great break, everyone!





December 5, 2018 | Review

Week 9 Review–Final Week!

Hi everyone!

Below is our review video for the week:

Our concert order is as follows:
-Hot Cross Buns (p. 7 #13)
-Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (p. 11 #32
-Mary Had a Little Lamb (p. 15 #52)—violins melody first time, violas/cellos/basses melody second time
-Ode to Joy (p. 17 #67)—violins melody first time, violas/cellos/basses melody second time
-Bile Them Cabbage Down (p. 19 #81)—everyone melody first time, violins melody second time, violas melody third time, cellos and basses melody fourth time
-First Christmas March (measures 41-56 cut out!)

See you all Thursday!