April 19, 2019 | Beginning

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Practice Videos

Hi Beginning Orchestra!

Look below for practice videos for the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, found on page 22 of your books. Please remember that the violas are playing the melody part, while the violins and cellos are playing their respective accompaniment parts.




All Parts:

April 16, 2019 | Announcements

Orchestra Academy Review for 4/15/19

Hi everyone!

Look below for our review videos for this week. We only have 4 rehearsals remaining:

Monday, April 22nd

Monday, April 29th

Monday, May 6th

Monday, May 13th

With our concert on Thursday, March 16th! Make sure that you are finding a formal all-black outfit that you can wear to our concert. And make sure you are practicing!

Beginning Orchestra Review:

Intermediate Orchestra Review: