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Orchestra Academy Review 2/11/19

Hi everyone!

We had great rehearsals on Monday! Look below to review what we learned and to know what to practice.

Beginning Orchestra:

We continued working on pages 16 and 17. Students should really be getting comfortable with reading D through A on the staff and being able to play them. I especially want students to practice both parts of Ode to Joy (#67 on page 17), so look below for videos of me playing both parts on each instrument.




Intermediate Orchestra:

We reviewed music from pages 24 and 25, and especially focused on Minuet (#108 on page 25). Look below for videos of me playing the Minuet on each instrument. You should still be practicing your D major exercises, Impulse, and Dragonhunter as well. Happy Practicing!





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Intermediate Orchestra Review: 1/28/19

Hi Intermediate Orchestra!

This week we worked on the advanced bowings that I had mentioned in last week’s challenge. That video can be found below:

I also want students to work on the D major exercises found on page 20, numbers 90-92.

Here are the exercises on violin:

And on viola:

And on cello:

Basses, I apologize profusely but I didn’t get yours recorded yet! I will do it tomorrow. I’ll get that video to you ASAP!

Please make sure that the students are practicing at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 times a week. More would be great, but these should be considered a minimum. I expect a lot of my Intermediate Orchestra. Thanks so much!

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Intermediate Orchestra: Pre-rehearsal review

Hi Intermediate Orchestra!

I hope you have all been practicing over the break, but if not, review the songs on page 19 to re-familiarize yourself. If you can play both parts of “Fork and Spoon,” you should be ready! Below are videos of me playing Fork and Spoon on each instrument. See you next Monday!