Hi everyone!

We are all kind of reinventing the wheel right now, having to self-isolate with COVID-19. I have been thinking about how we can continue to make progress in the Orchestra Academy. I have a couple of ideas about how we can keep students practicing and engaged.

First, I have created some online content for my students.

Here is a video showing the Beginning Orchestra what they should be practicing:

And below are links to practice videos for the other orchestras.

Intermediate Orchestra:

Advanced Orchestra:

In addition to these practice videos, I would like to offer online private lessons to the students of the Orchestra Academy. I have been using a free service called Zoom with my private students and it has worked pretty well. I will allow each student to sign up for 2 20-minute private lessons in the next 3 weeks using the link here:

Sign Up!

My expectation for these lessons is that the students have practiced and come to the lesson having put in some effort themselves. They should be ready to play what they can of their pieces for me and ready with any questions they may have. They definitely don’t need to be perfect—all students will be a work in progress—but I want to make sure that they have done some work at home.

My hope is that we will get to go back to rehearsing on April 20th and still have our concert in May (the concert date still hasn’t been confirmed, I am so sorry about that).

Please let me know if you need any help or if students have questions. I am here to help! Thank you all for your patience through all of this!

March 20, 2020
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