Hi everyone! Look to your orchestra below to find out what we did on Monday and what you should practice this week.

Beginning Orchestra

In the Beginning Orchestra, we practiced the 3 songs we already know:

  • Rolling Along (p. 8, #19)
  • Lightly Row (p. 9, #22)
  • A Mozart Melody (p. 15, #43)

I also asked you to learn the following songs this week:

  • Jingle Bells (p. 14, #41)
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm (p. 14, #42)

You should start getting really good at the notes on the D string and A string. Next week we will start learning Royal Promenade, which will be our big finale at the concert!

Intermediate Orchestra

In the Intermediate Orchestra, we started with the G major scale, arpeggios, and thirds, found on page 26 of your book (#114, 116, and 117). Some people seemed surprised that you should know the G string—yes you should! We have been working on it for 2 weeks now! So please be sure to practice these. For some more G string practice, also practice New World Symphony (p. 27, #118).

We then practiced Ninja, and I was disappointed that it seemed like most people hadn’t practiced it. Please practice up to measure 30 this week—more if you can! We then reviewed Maiden’s Rescue and First Christmas March.

Advanced Orchestra

In the Advanced Orchestra, we did more detail work on our three pieces: Nightrider, Variant on an Old English Carol, and Sahara Crossing. Please keep practicing these and feel free to use the practice videos if that helps.

October 24, 2019
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