Hi everyone! We had some great rehearsals on Monday. Look below to see what we did in your orchestra, and what you should practice.

Beginning Orchestra

In the Beginning Orchestra, we reviewed the D and A strings and then reviewed how to play E, F#, and G on the D string. A few people are still struggling with those notes, so we will work on those more next Monday.

Then we got out our bows! Look below for information about the bow:

General Bow Information for Everyone:

Bow Hold for Violins and Violas:

Cello Instrument and Bow Hold:

Bass Instrument and Bow Hold:

This week, students should practice the songs on pages 6 and 7 with their bows. If they are looking for more of a challenge, they can go on to pages 8 and 9.

Please note that now that the students are using their bows (and rosin), they will need a cloth to wipe off their instrument when they are done playing. Rosin will leave fine white dust on their instrument which, if left there, will leave a sticky residue. Any old washcloth or even an old sock will work!

Intermediate Orchestra

In the Intermediate Orchestra, we started with the String Explorer book. This week, I want you to practice #109 again, and to add #108, entitled Minuet. The Minuet combines a lot of tough techniques into one song, so I want to make sure everyone learns it!

We then played Maiden’s Rescue, and we sightread all the way to the end! Students should be practicing all of Maiden’s Rescue at home.

Then we did some work on Funky Fiddles, but it seemed like not many people had practiced it. I have asked that you all practice Funky Fiddles until measure 24, so please make sure to do that this week!

Lastly, we played First Christmas March, but it was a bit rough around the edges. Please practice through measure 40 in this piece.

Advanced Orchestra

In the Advanced Orchestra, we began rehearsal with Nightrider, and we almost played the whole thing! Please practice the entire piece at home.

Then we played Sahara Crossing and got to measure 52. Please practice this entire piece at home as well, so we can learn the rest next week.

Lastly, we practiced Variant on an Old English Carol, and I had the students practice the parts where they get the melody. Cello and Violin 2 have the melody in measures 33-48, and Viola and Violin 1 get the melody in measures 49-66. Please practice these sections at home because there are some tricky D#s in there! (Sorry Bella, no melody for you)

September 24, 2019
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