Hi everyone! Look below to know what we did on Monday and what you should practice this week.

Beginning Orchestra

In the Beginning Orchestra, we reviewed the notes on the D string—E, F#, and G. For more information about this, look at our last review post. We reviewed the music on pages 6 and 7 and then started learning the music on pages 8 and 9. This week, you should be practicing the music on pages 8 and 9 and really trying to memorize where each note is on the staff—we won’t have the names of the notes inside of the notes for long! Here is a cheat sheet of the D string notes and where they are on the staff:

Intermediate Orchestra

In the Intermediate Orchestra, we started in the Essential Elements book and quickly reviewed the music on page 22, including half notes and left-hand pizzicato. Especially violins and violas should practice left-hand pizzicato (#82) because next week we will start to use the 4th finger and it will need to get strong!

We spent a lot of time working on Dragon Slayer and got to measure 18. We did Impulse for about a minute and then tried to review First Finger Pachelbel. We will spend more time on First Finger Pachelbel at the beginning of next week.

Advanced Orchestra

In the Advanced Orchestra, we started with In the Hall of the Mountain King and read through to measure 51. I’m hoping we can get to measure 75 soon, so be sure to start practicing that difficult music between 51 and 75.

We then quickly reviewed Gauntlet before moving on to Conquistador. In Conquistador we read through measure 52. Next week I hope to work on the “Moderate and Calm” section from measure 54 to 93, or at least part of it.

We then played the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 and played the first 16 measures and then the last 16 measures. Next week I hope to work on 17 through 33.

February 27, 2020
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